Jonsson Amplifiers

Our bassist Dave Johnson has had great success keeping Patrick’s and our good friend and frequent guest player Russ Greene’s amplifiers working. Dave is now officially in the amplifier repair business, and is also building old school hand wired clones / copies of famous and coveted 50s and 60s tube amplifiers. Check out his website for info. His work is fast and fairly priced. Best of all, you no like, you no pay! Dave’s business DK Jay Services, Inc. has been around since 1990, and has serviced installed and repaired many different types of equipment over the years. Tube amps are now on that list. Yes, the business is indeed licensed and insured.

This is a recently completed 59 Fender Bassman Clone. Many consider the original 59 Bassman as the holy grail of all guitar amps. In fact, the original Marshall amplifiers, the JTM45s are almost an exact copy of this amp. Yup, Dave can build you a Marshall or Vox clone if you wish.

Sound clip  no pedals, nothing but a Gibson ES335 plugged in and cranked. if you want clean tone, just turn it down to 1/2 volume or less.

This amplifier is $1400 without any modifications. It is almost identical to the original Fender 5F6A circuit, and can be built as a head or a combo. MANY options available. Fender’s current offering of this amplifier costs $50 more and is NOT a hand wired old school amp, offers no modifications nor does it have comparable speakers to Dave’s.